Tuesday, March 5, 2019

DARC Domains - Organizations

Here's a list of probable powers that is deliberately vague - some of these are NPCs, but might be taken over by players.


  • Feudal-type Powers:
    • Norman-analog power
    • NW European-analog power
    • Middle-Eastern analog power
  • Independent/Economic Powers
    • Mercenary/Freebooter/Pirates: x3
    • School of Wizardry
    • Thieve's Guild x2
    • Viking Clan
    • Dwarf Clan
    • High Elf Enclave
  • Religious:
    • Religious Military Order
    • Druid Order
    • Independent Religious Order
  • TBD:
    • 3

Background Material:

I'm putting together background material and a map (mostly cleaning up what I've already done) and I'll start talking to individuals about their domains and nailing these down quickly.

Two main divisions: The Concord (European analog), The Adanir (Middle and Near East analog). In between is the former nation of Enlazar, now the fallen Grand Duchy of Brillanta, where our action will primarily take place.

Cairdeas is the large Concord kingdom to the right, with the Marquisate of Kolo between it and Enlazar. On the left is the Sultanate of Qopan. Within the Enlazar region were the viscounties of Brance, Sebrook, Maford, and Brillanta; the Principality of Kirkon is a small religious area, rumored to be the location of where Tarshim slew the God of Chains. 24 mile (vertical) hexes.

Kolo is now the biggest, most happening city of the East, with a flavor somewhere between Venice and Istanbul. There is a similar city in the West that I haven't named yet.

Maps and Nations

I've detailed more about the countries around here.

Very open to changing or adding things based on your interest.

I've tentatively decided on using An Echo Resounding: A Sourcebook for Lordship and War (you do NOT need to get a copy, I'm probably going to tweak some things and use some other systems too).

What I'm calling Feudal type players will probably start as unlanded "Counts", with a claim to a county-level territory (by law or by strength), and some level of resources to pursue that. Using the simple tiers of King/Queen > Duke > Count > Baron. (There are some Viscounts, and Viscounties, and a Marquessa, but these are special cases for the history in my head).

Independent powers will have similar levels of resources but more variable, magic academies and thieve's guilds don't typically put formations of light infantry in the field.

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